Ice Bar Cafe’s main dishes are a great selection of authentic Korean cuisine, including our Korea Hot Pot! Our dishes feature a variety of different meats including seafood, chicken, beef and pork.  We also offer an assortment of vegetarian dishes.  

    • Main Dishes

    • Seafood Dishes

      Seafood Udon Soup $9.99
      Champong (Spicy Seafood) $9.99
      Spicy Shrimp $9.99
      Red Thai Curry Seafood $9.99
      Chinese Stir Fry Seafood $9.99

    • Pork Dishes

      Bibim Gooksu (spicy cold noodle) with pork belly $12.99
      Kimchi Fried Rice with spicy pork  $10.99
      Gam Ja Tang (Pork bone soup) $9.99
      Kimchi Stew with pork belly   $8.99
      Pork Tonkatsu (Fried cutlet with special homemade sauce) $11.99
      Pork Bulgogi (Spicy pork) $9.99

    • Chicken Dishes

      Red Thai Curry Chicken $8.99
      Chinese Stir Fry Chicken $8.99
      Dakgalbi (Spicy Chicken) $9.99
      Bibimbap with spicy chicken $9.99
      Chicken Udon Soup $8.99
      Bibim Gooksu (spicy cold noodle) with spicy chicken $12.99
      Chicken Tonkatsu (fried cutlet with homemade sauce) $11.99
      Kimchi fried rice with spicy chicken $10.99

    • Beef Dishes

      Bibimbap $9.99
      Bulgogi $9.99
      Galbi (Marinated Short Ribs) $11.99
      Bulgogi Stew $11.99
      Chap Chae with Beef $10.99
      Chap Chae with Beef (on rice) $11.99

    • Vegetable Dishes

      Bibimbap (With or w/out egg) $9.99
      Chinese Stir Fry $8.99
      Red Thai Curry $8.99
      Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup $8.99
      Chap Chae (with rice) $9.99
      Kimchi Ramen Soup (With or w/out egg) $8.99
      Kimchi Fried Rice (With or w/out egg) $8.99
      Bibim Gooksu (Spicy cold noodle) $9.99

    • Korean Hot Pot

      Bulgogi Jeongol – Bulgogi, vegetables and glass noddle with special bulgogi sauce $24.99
      Budae Jeongol – Spam, hotdog, pork belly, kimchi and ramen with homemade special sauce $24.99
      Kimchi Jeongol – Kimchi, pork belly and tofu with special kimchi stew sauce $24.99
      Dak Bokum Tang – Chicken and potato stew with homemade spicy chicken sauce $24.99
      Ddeok Bokki – Spicy rice cakes with fishcake, eggs and cabbage with ddeok bokki sauce $24.99
      Ginseng Chicken Soup – Whole chicken in ginseng soup $29.99

Korean hot pot